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Yoga is a form of exercise that incorporates different postures, breathing techniques and meditation for the ultimate goal of uniting body and soul.

Yoga postures are designed to tone the body and make it strong and flexible. In addition, the breathing techniques and meditation are geared toward achieving emotional stability, and clarity and discipline of the mind.

While yoga was originally utilized by the western world only as a form of exercise Yoga therapy has emerged as a new mode of healing that is specially tailored to treat specific medical conditions.

There are many types of Yoga some examples are:
 • Hatha: A more slow paced and gentle yoga, based on the more physical. Often used by beginners
 • Vinyasa: Based on breath synchronized movements and stretching.
 • Ashtanga: A more fast paced and physically demanding form
 • Iyengar: Focuses on body alignment
 • Kundalini: Focuses on rapid movement rather than poses.

Statistical studies show the following:
 • Yoga is the most widely practiced exercise system in the world.
 • In the United States one out of eight individuals does Yoga.
 • Approximately 3/4 of yoga practitioners are women and 1/4 are men.
 • Yoga ranks as one of the ten most commonly used alternative therapies 
 • People suffering musculoskeletal disorders, asthma and mental conditions, more often apt for yoga as their method of healing, than people suffering from other diseases.

Conditions and Symptoms
 • Acid Reflux
 • Allergies
 • Anxiety & depression,
 • Arthritis
 • Asthma
 • Chronic fatigue syndrome
 • Fibromyalgia
 • Headaches
 • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
 • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
 • Low back pain
 • Menstrual cramps
 • Multiple Sclerosis,
 • Sleep Disorder

In addition yoga has been found to be beneficial in other ways:
 • Restores bone density
 • Stress reduction
 • Increases physical strength
 • Improves energy and stamina – beneficial in chronic fatigue syndrome
 • Enhances the ability to withstand pain
 • Increase the ability to concentrate
 • Boosts the immune system
 • Helps in achieving optimal weight loss

Questions to ask the Practitioner
  •  How many years experience have you had utilizing this fitness and healing method
  •  What is your success rate  
  •  Certificates and Licenses  
  •  References  

General Tips
 • Seek the advice of your health provider before embarking on any form of exercise.
 • Find an experienced yoga instructor
 • Wear comfortable clothing when practicing yoga
 • Find a quiet, comfortable place to practice where you will not be disturbed.
 • When yoga is discontinued for some time for any reason, start from the beginning,
 • Make sure your movement are slow and smooth not jerky
 • Keep the postures for some time
 • Do not force your body into postures that are beyond your limitations

 List of Products & Services

 • Barefoot Yoga
 • Yoga Accessories - What's on Sale
 • Yoga Direct

BOOKS & Publications  
 • Yoga Bible - by Christina Brown
 • Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing - by Timothy McCall
 • The New Yoga for Healthy Aging - by Suza Francina Suza Francina, Jim Jacobs, Photographer

Alternative Treatment Methods
 • Acupressure
 • Acupuncture
 • Aromatherapy
 • Biofeedback
 • Chiropractic Treatment
 • Guided Imagery
 • Herbal Remedies
 • Homeopathy
 • Hypnosis
 • Magnetic Therapy
 • Massage Therapy
 • Meditation
 • Qigong
 • Reflexology
 • Reiki
 • Tai Chi
 • Therapeutic Touch
 • Vitamin Therapy
 • Yoga




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