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Wrinkle Prevention

Editor: Yael Rosenberg, RN, B.S.H

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Wrinkles are lines or creases in the skin, that are usually caused by the aging process but there are factors that accelerate the rate.

Statistical studies show the following:
Studies show that there is an increase prevalence of wrinkles in men and women who smoke.

Some studies also showed that with increase number of full term pregnancy there was an associated increase in wrinkling of the skin. In postmenopausal women there was less wrinkling present in those who took hormone replacement therapy than those who did not

Types and Symptoms
Wrinkles can be caused by the following:
    Aging Process
    Habitual facial expressions
    Sun Damage
    Hormonal factors

Questions to ask the expert
    How many years experience have you had treating this skin disorder
    What is your success rate
    Certificates and Licenses

    Do facial exercises
    Seek the advice of a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic care of skin who will inform you of the benefits and risks of different treatments
    The cosmetic dermatologist may recommend the following:
     - Chemical peels or laser resurfacing
     - Botulinum toxin (Botox)
     - Plastic surgery for age-related wrinkles (for example, a facelift).
    Utilize acupuncture for cosmetic purposes namely as a method of face lift
    Get a facial massage

General Tips
    You must seek the advice of your doctor if the wrinkling is associated with skin lesions
    Limit your exposure to the sun
    Quit Smoking
    Keep skin well moisturized especially around the eyes, nose, mouth and neck
    Eat a well balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants
    Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
    Limit your alcohol intake
    Do facial exercises

List of Products & Services
   Elishea Collection: All Natural Anti-Aging Products
   Onilne DrugStore - Click Here for Bigelow Chemists

Books and Publications
   The Anti-Aging Plan: The Nutrient-Rich, Low-Calorie Way of Eating for a Longer Life--The Only Diet Scientifically Proven to Extend Your Healthy Years by Roy L. Walford andLisa Walford (Paperback - 2005)
   The Official Anti-Aging Revolution (Volume 2 of 3) (EasyRead Large Bold Edition): Stop the Clock Time is on your Side for a Younger, Stronger, Happier you by Ronald Klatz (Paperback - Sept. 1, 2009)
   The Gene Makeover: The 21st Century Anti-Aging Breakthrough by Vincent C. Giampapa, Frederick F. Buechel, and Ohan Karatoprak (Hardcover - Oct. 15, 2007)
   Anti-Aging Therapy: How to Clear Away the Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Your Face by Ping Zhang (Paperback - Mar. 6, 2006)

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