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Healthy Immunity
Editor: Yael Rosenberg, RN, B.S.H

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The immune system is integrated body network of specialized tissues, organs, cells, and cell products and chemicals. The major players in this system are the lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, thymus gland, and tonsil, specialized white blood cells, antibodies, and interferon. This systems main function is to defend the body against foreign invaders that cause infections as well as diseases.

Statistical studies show the following:
Though there are gender differences in immune responses which some scientists believe is hormone related, no conclusive reason has been established.

Types and Symptoms
There are two types of immunity which are innate and adaptive which can be further subdivided into two categories into passive which is short lived and active which is long lasting. Innate immunity is there at birth and offers the first defense against foreign invaders into the body. The parts of the body that offer the innate protection are the skin, hydrochloric acid in the stomach and mucosal secretions.

Adaptive immunity on the other hand, provides the second line of defense. This immunity is acquired later in life either by vaccinations or successfully fighting an infection. The immune system “remembers’ the pathogen that attacked it and is then is able to fight it off if it is attacked by that germ at a later time.

Symptoms of low immunity include frequent colds and flu and recurring infections.

Questions to ask the expert
  •  How many years experience have you had helping individuals maintain healthy immunity and avoid infections
  •  What is your success rate
  •  Certificates and Licenses
  •  References

General Tips
  •  Eat a well balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables
  •  Include omega 3 sources in your diet such as fish oils and flaxeed.
  •  Eat yogurt regularly
  •  Exercise regularly Qigong and Yoga enhance the immune system
  •  Quit smoking and do not drink
  •  Get a good night sleep
  •  Use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary
  •  Cut back on sugar, it interferes with the ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria
  •  Incorporate relaxation techniques
  •  Utilize alternative methods such as biofeedback

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Books and Publications
   •  Mind / Body Healing Support Guided Imagery CD
   •  A Holistic Approach To A Healthy Immune System (Audio Cassette)
   •  The Antibiotic Alternative: The Natural Guide to Fighting Infection and Maintaining a Healthy Immune System (Paperback)

Alternative Treatment Methods
 • Breastfeeding
 • Colds and Flu Prevention
 • Healthy Eyes
 • Health Immunity
 • Healthy Housekeeping
 • Smoking Cessation
 • Wrinkles Prevention




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