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Breastfeeding is the practice of a woman to feed her infant or young child milk expressed from her breasts. Most women have their infant suckle on their breast to obtain the nourishment, but others use mechanical pumps to extract the milk due to physiological, emotional or practical reasons.

Statistical studies show the following:
As of 2003, nationwide: 71% infants were breastfed at birth, while only 41% were breastfed exclusively at 3 months and only 14% continued breastfeeding up to 6 months of age.

Breastfeeding is becoming more common among U.S. moms at present but there is a difference related to age and race. Teen age moms, black or African American moms and unmarried moms have a lower percentage of breast-feeders.

Studies show that breastfeeding benefits the infant in the following ways:
  •  Higher IQ
  •  Visual acuity is higher.
  •  Lower incidence of ear infections.
  •  Lower incidence of upper respiratory infections including asthma
  •  Decreased gastrointestinal infections and lower risk of food allergies. Some studies suggest that breastfeeding may lower the risk of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis in adulthood.
  •  Reduced number of infections.
  •  Lower incidence of allergic eczema
  •  Reduced incidence of obesity in adulthood
  •  Lower incidence of Diabetes
  •  Research also showed the benefits to the mother who breastfeeds, lowering the risk of the following:

Type Two Diabetes
  •  Ovarian Cancer
  •  Breast Cancer

Questions to ask the expert
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General Tips
  •  Try to place baby at the breast as soon as possible after birth.
Make sure your baby's mouth covers your entire nipple and much of the darker part around the nipple
  •  It is recommended to breastfeed the infant 8-12 times in 24 hours –babies should be breastfed on demand
  •  Both breasts should be offered to the baby at each feeding
  •  Check baby’s diapers – urine should be pale, at least 6 wet diapers per day and bowel movements should be soft and yellowish.
  •  If breastfeeding is sufficient baby will start gaining weight by 2-3 weeks and continue to do so.
  •  Drink plenty of liquids and make sure to drink every time you breastfeed
  •  Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  •  Eat a balanced diet

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